Local Guide: Introductory Notes

Whether you are a repeat visitor or first-time explorer, Dayton, Ohio has a number of attractions for Feminisms and Rhetorics guests.  This local guide is our attempt to make your visit to the Dayton region generally, and the University of Dayton specifically, a fun, relaxing, and accommodating experience. 

To begin, a few words about the weather.  Dayton sees all four seasons, but generally, we experience mild weather patterns in the beginning of October.  A light jacket or warmer sweater should suffice for our early autumn climate. We have also had temperatures upwards of 72 degrees or higher during recent years, so layers are recommended. 

Getting Around Dayton

Dayton also has several transportation options for visitors.

  • Both Lyft and Uber serve the entire Dayton region.
  • We recommend AcrossTown Shuttle for both airport shuttle service and local transport.
  • Dayton Taxi Service also provides 24-hour rides throughout the region. 
  • The Greater Dayton RTA bus system is available from 5am – 1:50am (standard fare is $1.75/trip; daily, weekend, & family passes available).

The University of Dayton participates in the city’s LINK Dayton Bike Share program, which provides low-cost, pollution-free transport throughout the city. Bicycles can be rented for $2/hr or $5/day. A LINK Dayton Bike station is located at the UD River Campus (the main FemRhets conference location). Bicycles can be picked up and dropped off at 30 locations across the city. 

Our conference will be held at the University of Dayton River Campus and Marriott at the University of Dayton. Situated on the cusp of downtown Dayton and minutes to the southern suburbs, you will find a number of amenities within walking distance or just a short drive from the conference center.

Campus Maps & Parking

Campus maps are available in either printable or interactive formats. Please note that campus parking is included in registration fees. 



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