CFSHRC Archive Cooperative

The Archive Cooperative is an impromptu gathering of archival enthusiasts.  Archive Co-op allows participants to either bring an archival item or to take an archival item from those provided by other participants.

For example, if Coalition member A has a first-edition cookbook but knows she doesn’t have the time this century to work on researching cookbooks, she would bring her cookbook to share to the Archival Co-op with an interested scholar who is doing such research.  Upon contributing her cookbook to the Archive Co-op, member A might find that member B brought in a postcard from the 1920s that would add to member A’s archival project on the visual rhetoric of postcards.

In the spirit of sustaining research in historiography and promoting the Coalition’s goals of reciprocity and collaboration, the Archive Co-op is an additional perk for interested Coalition members.

The Archive Co-op will have space reserved in the Exhibitor Area at the 2017 Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference.  If you are seeking items for your research, please let Coalition members know what you need by adding your information to the Archive Co-Op Sheet.